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The DEA Ruled That Its Legal to Sell Cannabis Seeds. What Does That Mean for the Marijuana Industry?


For months now, we've been hearing about the possibility of federally legalizing cannabis in the United States. There have been stories about it on the news, Joe Biden mentioned it, and more than a few polls show a majority of Americans support legalization. But what does this announcement by the DEA mean for people who are already using marijuana? Does it change anything? Well, yes — and no. The DEA issued a notice this week that commercial sales of cannabis seeds are legal in the United States because they're considered to be "marijuana seedlings", which is a type of hemp grown for industrial purposes rather than human consumption. This may seem like an insignificant distinction without much impact either way, but if you're interested in growing your own plants at home then knowing which ones are okay to buy will help ensure you get what you want without breaking any laws along the way.

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has issued a notice that commercial sales of cannabis seeds are legal in the United States.

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has issued a notice that commercial sales of cannabis seeds are legal in the United States. This is big news for the industry, as it will allow for more businesses to sell their products and expand their reach. It's also good news for consumers seeking out new strains or seed varieties.

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Marijuana laws are complicated and confusing, so having accurate information and clear guidance is important.

The DEA's statement about marijuana seeds is a step in the right direction, but there's still a lot to be done on both sides of the legal divide. The agency needs to further clarify its position on other parts of the cannabis industry, such as CBD oil and hemp-derived CBD products. And lawmakers need to pass laws that reflect this new understanding and protect businesses in states where marijuana has been legalized—not just from federal prosecution, but also from local crackdowns as well.

However, if this change causes you any anxiety or confusion about whether or not your purchase will get caught in some sort of legal netting, remember that it isn't always easy — or even possible — to know what's legal when it comes to buying seeds online these days!


The DEA ruling is a big step forward for cannabis users who want to grow their own plants. The decision means that the agency will not interfere with sales of seeds or other equipment needed to start growing marijuana at home. This is a welcome change from the past, when law enforcement agencies raided dispensaries and seized their inventory of marijuana-related products and paraphernalia.

But this decision won’t do much for those who want to consume cannabis in other forms—such as edibles or oils—without smoking it first. There are many different ways to use cannabis, but each method has its own set of drawbacks (like side effects). So if you’re looking for an alternative way of getting high without inhaling smoke into your lungs then we recommend trying something like vaping!

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