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We had a great year last year creating a community around cannabis. All across NY State there have been cannabis events and festivals, and we're excited to see so many people coming together over their shared passion for cannabis.

At the Finger Lakes CannaMarket, we want to create an atmosphere that is welcoming to vendors and cannabis enthusiasts. We want vendors and cannabis enthusiasts alike can get the most out of the new legal cannabis environment.

That's why we're starting this group to better engage with our vendors to go from a good 1st year to a GREAT 2nd year. We have 15 CannaMarkets between Ithaca and Binghamton, and 2 Music Comedy and Cannabis Festivals scheduled for 2023.

We will use the group to:

  • Post and Accept Vendor Registrations to Events.

  • Provide important updates for future CannaMarkets.

  • Get feedback from you, the vendors, to make the CannaMarkets better.

  • Discounts on vendor fees.

Welcome to the CannaMarket Family


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  • September 13, 2021


  • Kenneth McLaurin
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